We are one of the first Welsh companies to receive registration from UKAS allowing us to supply and test individuals for Covid-19. This means we can now offer PCR testing, Fit to fly, Antigen and Antibody testing across the UK. We can test one individual or hundreds, we can repeat test daily, weekly or monthly, working to your particular requirements. Results can be as quick as 30 minutes depending on the type of tests required.

Testing can take place at your premises by our fully qualified and insured medical CoVid supervisors, if this isn’t practical, we can arrange testing at a location local to you and at a time and date to suit, also we can arrange postal tests and in-home testing. Call Now ! 02922 827282

PCR Testing

The Covid-19 swab/PCR test we are performing is the Thermo Fisher TaqPath antigen test used to detect Covid-19 active infections. It is a CE-IVD and FDA approved test and one that is currently being used by Public Health England in all their Lighthouse Hubs. These are processed through a registered lab within 24hrs. 

Fit-to-Fly Testing

Travel restrictions are in flux due to the global covid-19 pandemic. PCR swab testing is becoming an essential requirement for people to embark on international travel between countries. Travel by aircraft, ships and trains puts people in close contact for prolonged periods which increases the chance of infection.

PCR swab testing is required because most people, around 80%, do not have any symptoms of the disease and therefore do not show up on temperature testing. However asymptomatic individuals can readily infect other people in close proximity as occurs in aircraft cabins and airports.

By introducing a test for all passengers airlines can dramatically reduce transmission during flights.
International students attending schools and universities should also be considered for PCR swab testing to exclude infection acquired during flight which could put the host institution at risk.

Business overseas travellers can also benefit from PCR swab testing to ensure that infections acquired on flights are not transmitted to their colleagues on return to the office environment.

An example of our fit-to-fly certificate

Antigen Testing

The nasal swab (antigen) test takes about 2 minutes to perform with results onsite in 15 – 30 minutes. We can also offer an antibody test using a single droplet of blood, again with results in 15-30 minutes. This dual test can give us a reasonably thorough patient history of approximately 24-72 hours ago up to 6 months as that is the length of time antibodies will last in the system unless restimulated.   

We recommend the dual test for antibodies and the nasal swab test which have a combined accuracy of 98.2%. These have been used on feature film productions from August 2020 onwards.