Fogging Machines are Better Air Sanitisers and Cleaners

The need for cleaner, healthier air has never been urgent like what we have today. Some people initially underestimated the coronavirus’s potency and danger, but with the death toll topping over a million, we are becoming more enlightened about this deadly virus strain.

If you have been planning to have a device that can help you purify your surrounding air, this is the best time to do so. Fogging machine will rid your surrounding air of any harmful organisms or substances. Read on to find out what you should know regarding Fogging machines and how they can help you at this critical time.

It uses Fogging

We need to understand what fogging is before we can proceed with this topic. Fogging is a recent deep cleaning technology for sanitising a surrounding air. Medical professionals and other experts have advocated for several methods to make the air we breathe fresher and healthier.

From traditional antiviral sprays to disinfectant wipers and other devices, there are various ways through which air sanitisation can be achieved. Amid all these different methods, the Medifogg Electrostatic C20 Vectornate ULV Fogging machines has been described by many as the best.

The transportation sector

Recent statistics have shown that a good number of coronavirus affected patients contract the disease from transportation outfits. As a result, stakeholders in this sector are slogging it out to see that people are fully protected in the fight against coronavirus. These public transport operators have gone ahead to arm their cleaning teams with these Fogging machines.

If fogging machines were not effective in dealing with air pollutants like coronavirus, they would not have invested in it. So public transport operators and West Midland Railways are already adopting fogging machines to keep passengers safe.

How does it work?

Fogging machines function by creating a mist that can neutralize and incapacitate bacteria in the surrounding air. The mist does not have any effect on passengers. The hand-held model can be used to sanitize a train carriage within minutes. It will produce a fog that can access areas that would have been difficult to reach by humans within the said timeframe. These fogging machines are mostly deployed in the depot at night, but are also considered useful by mobile teams stationed at various stations. Foggers are equally lightweight and relatively easy to use.

Are they safe?

The best part about fogging machines is that it produces a blast of anti-bacterial mist that does not react negatively with living things. And they are safe to be used on all surfaces like IT / Electronics devices, and all forms of fabrics.

According to the deputy managing director of London Northwestern Railway, our passengers’ safety and health are of utmost concern to us at the moment. We have the new fogging machines to thank because they have played a vital role in ensuring we have a healthy and customer-friendly environment.